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Meditation: This method is listed first because I personally believe it is the most vital, direct and full-fledged way a person can come to terms with perceiving one's own energy and that of the universe around you. Incidently, the practise of meditation and the methods to do so originates from Hindu sacred scriptures (the aranyakas contained within the 4 Vedas), which have been honed and refined through practise over many centuries by yogis and gurus seeking spiritual enlightenment through detachment from the material world and the self.  You'll need first and foremost a quiet space where you can sit uninterrupted and where you feel comfortable.  The "traditional" yoga meditation pose is to sit crosslegged with your spine straight, arms slightly away from your body and bent to rest on your thighs with hands palm upward and thumb and middle finger connecting lightly.   However, you can approach posture in other manners...lay down flat on your back if it makes you feel more comfortable.   But the position I most suggest is to sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground, spine drawn up straight, butt all the way against the back of the chair, arms slightly away from the body resting comfortably folded in your lap.  The idea of sitting rigidly is designed to create a feeling of fatigue making you thereby more aware of your body.  Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.   Gradually focus on these breaths, attempting to "view from a distance" and gradually dissipate all other thoughts in your mind and all happenings in the world around you.  Breathe slowly and deeply in and out, imagine dirty black clouds of smoke which represent negative energy leaving your body as you exhale.  Imagine speckles of gold light entering your body and filling it as you inhale.  If you have a hard time imagining light and dark as you breathe try instead to focus on that "hinge" moment between exhaling and inhaling and vice versa.  Allow yourself to slip into that gap.  Focus on your breathing until you feel relaxed and totally undistracted.  Where does the source of your being come from?  In otherwords, where is your attention directed within yourself...forehead, heart...?   Wherever you feel  you are most connected to in a meditative state, is the core of your being.   If you allow yourself to extend that focus gradually, you may visualize and/or sense how that essence of yourself fills, flows through and animates your entire body.  Follow that essence to your feet.   Can you feel the energy within yourself animating your feet - in other words the connection between your spirit and your physical body?   There should be a slight tension, tingling feeling, etc.  Let the "tension" go by visualizing the energy in your foot "shutting down" for a bit.  Continue to shut down and relax your body bit by bit as you travel upwards. Take your time to make sure that every bit of your body becomes relaxed...this might take some effort to get right, but you'll essentially feel sort of a sense of your body separating from your spirit  in the end.  And yes, it is natural to be frightened the first few times you experience this...although do not allow your fears to overcome you, for when you get beyond relaxing the entire body, a state of absolute bliss and relief will ensue.  The head and brain will probably be the most difficult to power down but when you succeed, your "thinking" under meditative state will also take on new dimensions. Allow yourself a few minutes to get adjusted to this new sense of being, then, imagine a glowing ball of pure light and revitalizing, protective energy floating just above your head (some people find it helpful to place or suspend a candle for symbolism above their heads prior to meditation).  Visualize pulling this light down into the core of your being and gradually expanding to fill your spirit from the inside out, pushing away any dark spots of negative energy,  until it radiates throughout and forms a circle of light around your entire form (don't forget under your feet, the top of your head and under your back as well).   When the light is surrounding you, allow your thoughts to drift at leisure where they will.  You may find a solution to that problem that has been facing you for weeks, or a flash of memory may come to you on where you put your lost keys.  Basically, just lose yourself in the moment and be (This is incidently the first step to astral projection, but that's another lecture topic for another time).  When you feel you are done "being", release the glowing ball of light slowly back into the atmosphere while still keeping its light flowing throughout your body.  Then,  from your head down you'll need to reverse the process of shutting down your body.  In other words, reconnect the spirit to the body and feel the new, revitalized energy filling and reanimating your limbs.   Take some more deep, long breaths and then open your eyes slowly.  You should feel revitalized and full of new energy running through your body.
Dowsing:  This is a quick, simple visual method to show you that there is distinct and different energy within each of us and all matter on earth.  Traditionally, dowsing rods have been used to find ley lines for water...but in the world of occultism, dowsing rods can be used as a tool to help hone in on a person's aura.  This is the technique you will to some extent learn of here.   So, you'll need one dowsing rod which you can buy from a new age supply store or make for yourself by bending a coat wire so it forms a shape like this |'''''''''''''''''''''''''' .  Hold the dowsing rod's handle (the short side) loosely but firmly in your fist, with arm bent naturally at your side, about 10-15 inches in front of your body. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and spend a few moments just clearing your mind.  Have a group of friends stand behind you in different locations so you don't know where they are.  When it feels right, ask the dowsing rod to point to a person (so if one of your friends' names is Sue say "please point to Sue" or "Where is Sue?").  The rod should start to turn in the direction of said person, usually fairly quickly, although sometimes it takes awhile.  There are other experiments you can do with dowsing rods, but this is the most simple demonstration which generally works best for beginners.
Aura Reading/Sensing: The aura consists of a series of layers of energy eminating from the form of a human being.   Most people can sense or see the aura with a little bit of practise.  To learn how to sense the aura better, I suggest you refer to the next three energy perception methods entitled "Nature's Recipe", "Team Effort" and "Playing Games".  I will describe a method on how to learn to see the aura here.  First, you'll need a solid white background and either another human being or a clear view of select body parts of your own.  If you have another person, stand them against the background.   Different people may be able to see auras differently and more strongly around certain body parts than suggestion is to start with focus on the toes or the fingers first tho, and work your way to viwing the entire aura from there.   If you have difficulties focusing on small sections first, you might try viewing the entire body instead.   How to focus your eyes to go about actually seeing the aura is much like seeing one of those magic eye computer generated pictures...or looking through a shower door at something beyond.  Basically, it's like looking through the air surrounding a person.   If looking at toes or hands, look through the air surrounding the fingers and should see a faint glow either close to the skin or far away.   It may be colored or black and white (some people can't see auras in colour, apparantly).  But either way, it will be a glowing sort of "shell".   The stronger this shell looks, the stronger the person's energy is, and vice versa.  You can also purchase goggles that are specially designed to train your eyes to view auras.  You might find these at some new age stores or ghost hunting societies.
Nature's Recipe: Uh-oh, I'm about to turn pagan on ya'll. Okay, perhaps not...but this is a little act for which nature will provide to help show you the energy of all living things. Go outside.  Now. No, wait, hold on...that would sort of defeat the purpose since you couldn't read the actual experiment and you'd merely end up waiting outside probably trying to hug every tree in sight and getting hit on by some weird ex hippy types.     But eventually...go outside.  Find a flower that agrees with you (hehe, I don't talk back, agreeable things that they are and all...but I meant, find a flower that you feel drawn to) .   Close your eyes and take several deep breaths and focus on clearing your mind...breathing in gold light and breathing out dark, dirty clouds.   When your mind is clear (or maybe some of you start out with minds like that anyway, hehe), begin to rub the palms of your hands together at first slowly, then briskly for a minute or two.   Separate your hands, open your eyes, then try pushing your palms together slowly.   You should feel a subtle repelling force...sort of like  magnets of the same polarity reacting...or a heat/tingling running just between the two palms.  Nifty, huh? take a palm and place it over the blossom of the flower.   What do you feel?   You may have a similar repelled sort of sensation, or you may feel drawn "into" the flower, or you may simply feel a sensation of heat and tingling again.  Whatever the case...the effects you are feeling is the interaction between your energy and that of the plant.
Team Effort: This works similar to the flower experiment listed above under nature's recipe, only it will help you to perceive the energy of other human beings instead of that of plants.   So, this time, you'll follow exactly the same steps as in "Nature's recipe" up to the point of trying to put your palms together.   Instead of putting your hand over the blossom of the flower, this time try to slowly put your palm together with that of another person.  Again you may feel repelled, drawn in or merely a heat/tingly sensation.   This is how you perceive the interaction between yourself and the other person.
The "Ghost-hunter's" method: Here is another method for you visual learners out there.  People who hunt down and photograph ghosts for a living will tell you that hauntings are generally accompanied by an increase in the electromagnetic field.  To view this change, they employ a device known as an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) looks sort of like spedometer on a car and you may have seen them being used on tv in ghost movies and the like. can monitor these changes around people too, if you suspect they are a psy-vamp, the results should be similar.   Furthermore, there are ultraviolet goggles available to help develop your ability to see the aura, which ghost hunters also use


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